Buffalo Cigars is looking for its most devout and active patrons to serve as exclusive “Buffalo Cigars Ambassadors.” Our hand-selected and approved Ambassador team will serve to generally promote our business and, more specifically, help promote our events and activities.

To be clear – not everyone can be a Buffalo Cigar Ambassador. Because of this, we will interview and hand-select those that we feel can best fill the role. We are looking for people that love our store and can wholeheartedly represent us in the community. Those with a large network and/or social media savviness have an advantage, but by all means we hope anyone interested applies to become a Buffalo Cigar Ambassador.

Perks of Being a Buffalo Cigar Ambassador

Being an Ambassador will be a badge of honor and you will be recognized as a member in this exclusive group. Additional “perks” include:

  • Attending exclusive Ambassador-only gatherings at the shop where we will discuss ongoing plans for the store and activity planning and welcome your input – do you have any great ideas for events?
  • A 10% discount card on ALL purchases at BC
  • 25% discount on cost of humidor locker
  • Rewards/Prizes for the top performing Ambassadors
  • Heavily discounted tickets to our annual Buffalo Cigar Festival

In order to be considered for the Buffalo Cigar Ambassador team, complete the form below. We will then follow up in the very near future. Please understand the following before applying:

  • We are tightly limiting the number of Ambassadors we have on our team;
  • We are looking for people that want to get actively involved in helping us advance our presence in the area;
  • We cannot possibly select everyone that applies, so please (we beg you) not to hold it against us if you are not selected.

Interested in becoming a Cigar Ambassador?

Fill out our form below to get started: